Madness Brewing Company

An idea that's gone one step beyond

Brainchild of myself and Henry Conlon, landlord of Camden’s Dublin Castle pub, Madness Brewing Company began as an idea on the back of a beer mat around a Madness-inspired craft lager called Gladness. Some 3 years on and not only is Gladness firmly established in the market, but it has spurned a range of beers that have won credibility for their provenance and brewing craft, as well as for their brand presentation which has brought the endearing character of Madness to a whole new audience.
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"Nick completely understands the Madness brand, it’s style and image. Not only is he a talented strategy driven designer, but he's a provider of fresh insights and ideas. He’s been a great asset to the team since we started working together."

Tony Murphy, Marketing Manager
Nick Pettit, Brand Designer
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Mobile: 07957 115 065
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