Old Jake Ginger Beer

Music to your ears

Picture this: it’s late '69 in one of downtown Kingston, Jamaica's hot sweaty bars and Jake Morgan, the town's renown Rude Boy is on stage doing what he does best, entertaining the crowd. Jake’s got it all, the looks, the clothes, the voice, the songs and tonight he’s swiggin’ on a drink that’s fast becoming the talk of the town – his mother’s homemade Ginger Beer. Some 40 years on and Mama Jake's recipe has helped inspire the launch of an exciting, new stand alone brand designed by Nick Pettit Design. With interest and traction already building in the UK and Swedish markets, supported by an ongoing campaign of promotional activity, there should be a lot to sing about over the coming months.
Old Jake Brand ID Old Jake branded beer cans Old Jake branded beer bottles The ultimate ginger beer refreshment banner Full of true Jamaican Character banner Web holding page design Design for mobile design Branded box with branded beer cans Branded T-Shirts People advertising old jake gineer beer tees
“We are extremely pleased with Nick’s work. From the beginning, his knowledge, experience and understanding of the brief and market was very evident, along with his genuine interest in music. His attention to detail and support have been invaluable, not forgetting the added value we now have.”

Martin Howe, Sales Director
Nick Pettit, Brand Designer
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